Action Fund, LLC

Legacy Continental Pilots

we have crossed over to needing a new influx of money.  to fund this Discovery phase.  Please consider donating either by check or credit card.  

  • If you donate by check, we get the entire amount.  
  • If you donate by cc, then we lose 7% of every dollar.
  • Likewise, there is an "anonymous" option during the credit card donation process.

Please send checks to our accountants.
To do so,

please make checks payable to:  

Legacy Continental Pilots Action Fund, LLC

Mail To:
Hanna, Warner & Assoc. CPAs, PC
1 Broadway Bldg B Suite 200
Denver, CO 80203 

To Make an Online Contribution


Donate Here by Check or Credit Card

PILOT NEWS ALERT: If you have not yet made an initial donation of $150-200, please do so, and then we recommend setting up a monthly donation of $100 for First Officers, and $150 for captains.  Should we reach a higher number of members to sustain our group, we will be able to reduce the amount of each member across the board.

LCPAF Contributions

We have been asked for a recommended amount to donate.  We are requesting an initial one-time donation of $150-200.  Then,...

after filing, we expect to ask for a smaller monthly contribution to sustain longer term litigation.  Doing it this way lets us do two things: 1) get started quicker and in smaller steps, and 2) give us a better idea of a more reasonable amount to suggest for a monthly contribution based on how many pilots donated during the first phase.  This second phase will put your contributions on autopilot and provide consistent and reliable financial support for our mutual cause.

​“By your agreement to donate funds to LCPAF, you understand that: 
1.       Such donation is inherently speculative in nature, and there is no guarantee that sufficient donations can be generated from our base of affected Legacy Continental pilots or others to allow LCPAF, on behalf of the Legacy Continental pilots, to fund the anticipated retainer and other necessary expenses that will be required to protect the rights and interests of the Legacy Continental Pilots.
​2.        Even if sufficient funds are donated to LCPAF to fund the costs of the anticipated litigation, there is no guarantee that  such litigation will result in a reversal of the award of the ALPA arbitrator, or otherwise positively impact the seniority or status of the legacy pilots.

3.       The act of donation does not make a person a party to any possible litigation.  A separate process for that is TBD.