Action Fund, LLC

Legacy Continental Pilots

Our Purpose

Our organization was formed because we feel the Air Line Pilots Association stopped representing us, and simply sacrificed us "for the good of ALPA"; that the arbitrators violated the RLA in performing their jobs; and to determine if our company may have colluded with ALPA for the benefit of both.  

We felt that we were better off alone, as an independent company, and that our jobs, our careers, and our families lives were sacrificed to save a dying company, which analysts were saying that we would be buying parts of in a 2010 liquidation Filing.  

Instead Continental management (the new United mgmt) has used money that would have gone to restoring the investment we made in our company in 2005, and has spent $500 million on refurbishing the broken down antiques of legacy United, with what should have gone to the Continental pilots and fellow Continental employees as Profit Sharing.  We will not sit by idly while these things are stolen from us without a fight.

The Legacy Continental Pilots Action Fund, LLC is formed for the purpose of  transacting any or all lawful business for which a limited liability company may be organized.  The Company shall have all the powers necessary or convenient to effect any purpose for which it is formed.